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Mathematical jokes

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Abstract This is a collection of mathematical jokes in various languages. Understanding the jokes is left as an excercise to the reader.
Q: Wie schwer ist eine Orthonormalbasis?
A: Ein Gramm-Schmidt!

Terra X – der kosmische Code. Diesen Witz muss ich nicht weiter erklären.

Q: What is closed under multiplication, abelian under addition, distributive and does not boot?
A: A Poetter-Ring!
Remark: it can be shown that a Poetter-Ring can also be desribed as a Ring that is silent, no matter how it is configured.

Q: Wieso kann man Vibratoren nicht kontinuierlich regeln?
A: Weil sie diskret sein sollen!

I propose the ultimate Earth theory, which will appease everyone: Klein-Bottle-Earth!
It has numerous advantages:

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